Motivational Speaking:

Kalani started playing basketball at the age of ten and since then developed a tremendous passion for the sport. Throughout his life he felt most at peace when he was playing or doing basketball tricks. As a kid he was teased because his basketball tricks was different and out of the ordinary. School wasn't easy for him as he struggled. People use to call him names, bullied him, and told him doing basketball tricks was a waste of time, but he didn’t let that get him down.

He believed that one day his love and joy for basketball would take him to places unimaginable. Two of his biggest accomplishments were graduating with a BA in Kinesiology, and performing on the show, “America’s Got Talent”. Now he goes to schools telling his success story, and shares a message with kids. He explains that his first trick was spinning a ball. By using the word SPIN he sends his message: Strive, Positive, Imagine, and Never give up on their dreams and to put a spin on their life.


Basketball Show:

SHOWCASE: (5min)
The length of every showcase varies. Using his unique freestyle basketball talent, he is able to capture the attention of audiences of all ages. Kalani’s creative basketball tricks will visually appeal to crowds of all sizes. Tricks include the handling of not 1 ball, not 2, but up to 7 basketballs which are dribbled, spun, and juggled in a variety of combinations. 

(30min show)
The showcase may also include an interactive section where Kalani gets the audience involved and incorporates some comedy for laughs. With tricks as difficult, entertaining, and innovative as these, he creates a show that has never been seen before and will surely not be forgotten. Kalani would like to display a fun and creative side of using a basketball.


Length: Approximately 30- 45 minutes

Kalani will include a showcasing of his basketball tricks (see showcase section), and interactive games with the kids. During the interactive games, everyone can participate. Don’t like basketball? Not to worry. The fun, dynamic games are inspired by Kalani’s creative use with the basketball, not the sport.  Kalani has made it so everyone can have fun together.